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How to Measure

We make your belt according to your measurements. So accurate sizing is extremely important. The leather for your belt is cut using the measurements you provide to us.

How to Measure for Belts
  • Use a tape measure (do not estimate or rely on your pants size)
  • Measure around your waist over your pants and over the trouser belt loops. This is your waist measurement.
How to Measure for Cowboy Cartridge Belt
  • Use a tape measure
  • Measure around your hips approximately 2-1/2 inches below your waist. This is your hip measurement.
  How to Measure for a Cowboy Belt

How to Measure to for Cowboy Holster Leg Strap
  • Use a tape measure
  • If you are left-handed measure around your left thigh, and if you are right-handed measure around your right thigh. That is your thigh measurement.

Instructions for Measuring the Gun Barrel
  • Revolvers: Measure from end of muzzle to the face of the cylinder.
  • Semi-Automatics: Measure from the end of muzzle to the rear portion of the ejection port.
How to measure your gun barrel

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